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About ICIG

Our Group

Established with the approval of the Jordanian Administrative Board of Cardiologists and the Council of the Physicians' Union, the group of cardiovascular doctors leads with the following key objectives:

​1.    Work on the advancement and development of medical science in cardiovascular diseases and scholarly cardiovascular convergence 
2.    Engage in scientific research in cardiovascular and heart diseases
3.    Conduct scientific and medical lectures, symposiums, and workshops in this field of expertise within and outside of Jordan 
4.    Promoting and disseminating the scientific culture with regard to cardiovascular and heart diseases
5.    Convening of medical conferences on all matters relating to cardiovascular diseases, and converging in order to exchange medical ideas and information between Jordan, and other Arab and international countries

Our mission

To lead and greatly contribute to the development and advancements  in the field of interventional cardiology and provide innovative approaches in the field

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